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Find furnished apartments and housemates for 1+ months

Find furnished apartments and housemates for 1+ months

Kopa is an online marketplace for people to find affordable, monthly, furnished housing and compatible housemates in one place. People can connect with others through in-person activities so they fully experience the place they move to. On Kopa, verified hosts post their rentals and seamlessly manage their listings, tenants, and payments. Renters browse, book, and pay for those rentals. With Kopa for Business, our B2B program, we offer guaranteed housing and premium services to your employees. This includes recommended rentals and housemates, a customized Kopa experience, on-demand support, and move-in gifts. Our goal is to create communities of people all over the world to make them feel at home, no matter where they are.

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Jack Forbes

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Co-Founder and CEO of Kopa (YC W19). Proud Canadian. Coder of things. Soccer, skiing, tennis, and outdoor enthusiast.
Co-founder of Kopa, international award-winning designer

Zach Waterfield

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Co-Founder of @Kopa (YC W19), Angel investor, UWaterloo Eng, prev @Universe (acq @LiveNation), @FarmLogs, Carrot, @Jonny On It

Health, dental, and vision coverage

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Work wherever you want in the world

20 days of pto, 3 days vto, 10 paid holidays

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