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Transform railway operations for a sustainable future


Our four company values:
- We put our customers first
- We take ownership
- We focus on results
- We make informed decisions

Besides our four company principles there are a few other things you need to know to understand KONUX. Our culture is built on openness and direct feedback, which can be challenging at times, but we believe that it makes us grow. Feedback works in every direction: Top-down, bottom-up, as well as among peers. Be ready to give and receive it all the time!

By growth we also mean that we ask a lot from ourselves and from each other. We set ambitious goals for the company, every sub-team and each individual on a quarterly basis. We expect everyone to understand how they contribute to our company goals, and also keep in mind how they personally want to develop and what they need for that. Be ready to be your best!

Another thing we value highly is alignment within the team. We strive to constantly improve our communication processes, and we have a number of formats in place to ensure that everyone is kept up to date – such as our weekly all-hands meetings or our quarterly planning sessions. Be ready to share your knowledge and any information that is important for the team!

We also believe in the power of personal relationships, and we provide ample opportunity for our team to get together and bond. There are regular team dinners, workshops and quarterly getaways where we spend a day or two offsite to hike, ski, bike, canoe, surf, swim, fly…and just hang out. Be ready to get to know us!