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Pako Padilla Sanchez

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Co-Founder and CTO at Konfío. Specialized in Enterprise Software Architecture for Financial Services. BS (Honors) Computer Science from ITESM Monterrey '07.
Founder & CEO of Konfio • Worked at @Deutsche Bank (Vice President of Credit Derivatives for Latin America) • Studied at @Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Mathematics), @Singularity University


Carl W. Handlin

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Senior Data Scientist at Konfío

Luis Gutierrez

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Tec de Monterrey CS Major. AWS solutions architect (Associate). Very interested and dabbling in serverless + Async cloud Systems CV -> https://nadafancy.com/cv
Infrastructure Engineer at Konfio. BS (Honors) Electronics and Communications Engineering at ITESM. Specialized in Business Intelligence Software Development and Mobile Enterprise Applications.
Operations Engineer at Konfío. Finishing undergrad in Biomedical Engineering at ITESM. Worked at Harvard-MIT HST, San Jose Hospital and Sugoi Medical.

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carlos calderon

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Sergio Emir Baidon Carrillo

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Alyson Grosshandler

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Fernando Avalos

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Gustavo Ibarra

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David Pacheco Ortiz

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