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Enhancing financial solutions, empowering lives

Enhancing financial solutions, empowering lives

Our First Solution - Currency Marketplace:

Banks have a strong control over the remittance landscape. They offer privileges to MNCs and the rich, while smaller players were given poor exchange rates with built-in fees.

Despite liquidity providers like remittance houses offering significantly better rates than banks, most of them in Asia still operate traditionally and lack an online presence. This makes it an inconvenient and time-consuming process for consumers to compare and find the best rates, travel down and spend half a day or more, as well as constantly having to fill up tedious Know-Your-Customers forms.

Noticing this gap in the industry, we have leveraged on technology and created an online currency marketplace to help make cross-border transactions more accessible to individuals, SMEs, and liquidity providers alike. By hosting a strong and wide network of liquidity providers on our platform, we match users with the best foreign exchange deals available in the market.

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