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Machine Learning Engineer

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About KOHO

KOHO is a quickly scaling FinTech company backed by leading investors and advisors from around the world. More than 175,000 Canadians have signed up to join KOHO and we’re just getting started!

KOHO offers a card and mobile app that together allow users to manage daily financial needs (direct pay cheque load, bill pay, ATM cash withdrawals, etc.), while offering tools such as automated savings goals, real-time updates, transfers, spending insights, categorizations and much more.

About the Role

We’re a small team with a big vision for how to change financial services in Canada, and we’re looking for a Machine Learning Engineer to help us put more ML-enabled products in users' hands.

Our dream candidate takes a hands-on, cloud-first approach to problems. You are motivated to get projects out of the lab and into production, bringing us closer to achieving our vision of building the 7th largest bank in Canada.

As our first Machine Learning Engineer, you would become a key component unlocking the value of ML. You would bring software development knowledge and hands on experience with common algorithms to the table. You would work closely with engineers and data scientists, and would be involved in projects from data capture through to model deployment and monitoring in the wild.

* Optimize model implementation for scale, accuracy, and maintainability
* Contribute to model training infrastructure and methodologies
* Deploy inference models, integrating with a variety of applications
* Design and deploy efficient serving infrastructure according to use case
* Deploy model performance monitoring
* Design and implement model retraining and redeployment workflows

Desired Skills & Experience
* Minimum 1+ year experience working with ML algorithms
* Minimum 3+ years experience working with software development
* Worked with a variety of data transfer methods: REST APIs, pub/sub, webhooks, gRPC, etc.
* Experience scaling web and mobile applications beyond multiple requests per second
* Knowledge of common algorithms and when to use which type, deployment implications of each
* Understanding of parameter search routines, optimizing computational requirements of model training
* Understanding of hot/warm/cold data concepts and when each is appropriate
* Familiar with relational as well as non-relational database approaches, knowing which to apply where and when
* Strong knowledge of Python
* Knowledge of Golang, Java and or Scala is also beneficial

Joining the (lovely!) KOHO Team

We invest time and resources into making sure KOHO is as good as the people we hire. Our culture is one of collaboration, creativity, and diverse perspective.

The Fine Print

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity and uniqueness at our company.

KOHO is trusted with highly sensitive information. Upon joining the team, you may be asked to undergo security screening including a criminal record check.