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Helping franchises and multi-location businesses acquire and retain customers

Content Creator with digital marketing background

$5k – $45k • No equity
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We are a digital marketing agency that partners with franchisors and multi-location businesses to help them attract and retain customers. Though we were established in 2016 we’ve been working in the industry for the past 10 years.

Our vision and content strategy for Kogneta

We want to become the go-to source for marketers working at franchisors and multi-location businesses looking for digital marketing resources. We help these businesses develop and execute digital marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

We want to establish ourselves as leaders on the following topics and how each channel can be applied to our audience’s company:

- Local SEO
- Marketing automation
- Social media marketing
- Paid Search + social advertising
- Search engine marketing

Our target market are franchisors and multi-location businesses, the readers from these organizations are typically high-level executives (e.g. CEO, CMO or VP of Marketing) or individuals in both entry level and managerial roles in their organization’s marketing department (e.g. digital marketing managers or marketing coordinators).

With each piece of content that we create we want to:

- Many blogs dish out advice but don’t provide any backup. We want to be different by being as thorough as possible by explaining each item in detail providing:
-- Data and statistics
-- Screenshots, GIFs and videos
-- Examples
-- Interviews/quotes from experts
- Most content these days only provide a high-level overview. We want to do the opposite and provide actionable advice that our audience can go and apply today rather than reading about high-level concepts
- Be targeted specifically towards franchisors and multi-location businesses as there are little to no resources covering these markets

What we're looking for

Please read this article by Benji from Grow And Convert so you understand how we think about content:

Please watch this video – I think this is one of the best presentations given about content by Geraldine: growthhackers.com/videos/video-how-to-make-your-audience-fall-in-love-with-yo…

Tone/Style details for our blog:

- Conversational tone
- Post must help readers accomplish something, and/or learn from examples.
- Detailed explanations of the topic you’re writing about
- Does not follow conventional 5 paragraph essay format - short concise - paragraphs that are easy to read
- Fully formatted sections to make posts easy to skim through

About you

- You have a passion for digital marketing and business
- Experience in at least one of the topics mentioned above
- You are a storyteller
- You can come up with story ideas with minimal guidance

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