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## Our Values

Our values represent who we are and guide everything we do.

- **Employees, customers, the world. In that order.** We embrace our differences and care about each other’s well being and growth. We're compassionate for our customers and demonstrate our care with intense, but reasonable responsiveness. In turn, this earns us the opportunity to do better for the world, acting as stewards for causes bigger than ourselves.

- **Work with purpose.** We pause to consider how our decisions and actions will impact each other, our customers, and our company. We value each other’s time as a sacred resource which we are careful to never waste.

- **Transparency over harmony.** Our best work is done with full context. Real feedback between one another can be hard, but we do it anyway. We remain curious. We challenge assumptions. We have the hard conversations to always make the best decisions for Koan.

- **This is your company.** We treat the company like it's our own. We trust each other to make the best decision, celebrate when we do, and always learn to do it better tomorrow.

- **No red tape.** We are brave and take big risks. We are biased toward climbing the mountain instead of protecting the ant hill.