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Publish on your own site, reach your community everywhere

Publish on your own site, reach your community everywhere

Insitutions spend large sums of money on Learning Management Systems - but the majority of users, including both educators and students, find them difficult to use. Overwhelmingly, educators say their LMS doesn't support their teaching. Students complain that once a class is over, all their course content and discussion is deleted forever. Known provides classes with an independent group site for publishing coursework, reflecting on learning, and sharing research and thoughts with peers. Known allows students to use its modern, responsive interface to easily connect and share content to their classes, social media, and to other Known sites. Known is designed to look and feel like the consumer social networks students already use, and it works great on a mobile device. Most importantly, it allows students to keep all of their content throughout their college journey and beyond. They can even take their Known data with them when they graduate.

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Co-founder and CXO of @Known . User experience architect. Previously analytics, marketing, and ecommerce. Studied cognitive science.