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KnowCap IO is building a new investment model where we work with founders who find it hard to raise capital, and match them with top-tier talent in exchange for equity.

Our team members receives investor carry in our "fund" and are able to leverage their expertise and time into investing in early-stage companies.

Our core mission is to help people with ideas turn them into fast-growing companies.

When it comes to our goals, we are taking aim at replacing the “friends and family” layer. While not all founders have the luxury of holding the level of cash needed to cover high-quality design, development, or even marketing work…we believe that if we supply those services in exchange for equity or revenue-share we can shift the entire startup development process.

We are currently recruiting for positions that will work with startups in our KnowCap Atlanta ecosystem. All of these positions are part-time and all team members will receive equity. By giving team members equity in KnowCap we are aligning their compensation with our mission.

When startups within our programs experience a liquidity event, team members will receive a pro-rata share of the exit transaction.
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Marketing Generalist for Accelerator (10 hours per week)

Posted 4 weeks ago
  • Must be based within the United States
  • Must be able to commit a minimum of 10 hours per week of work

Operations and Strategy Mentor at Accelerator (5 hours per week)

Posted 1 month ago

We are on the cusp of launching our new program, Leap. It's our take on the perfect accelerator where we value results over demo days, experts over mentors, and intentionality over shot-gun approaches.


Operations Specialist at Accelerator (10 hours per week)

Posted 2 weeks ago

About the role:

The Operations Specialist will primarily be responsible for creating a training curriculum for our Exchange Program founders. You will own the development and implementation of a curriculum that runs in tandem with our startup engine process.


Business Development Expert for Startup Accelerator (10 hours per week)

Posted 2 weeks ago


We are looking for someone to help us with all things startups. We have an extremely talented team that works with founders to help them build their ideas into companies.