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Allison Stoloff

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Operator, investor, and startup advisor. Built and led high performing teams at Facebook, Oscar Health, Knotch, and Knotel

Allan Taylor

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Alexandra Pearl

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Laurence Joy

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Louis Wilson

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Joseph L Muscarella

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General Operations Athlete and Supply Chain Strategist. Team & Department Builder and Physical Product Development Design Director.

Mei Lin Ng

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Head of Growth @Spacious.com Creative problem solver with an emphasis in business development, project management, and big ideas.

Raymond Grazi

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Work at Knotel

Allison Huntley

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Certified Salesforce Admin.

Jim Burke

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Stephanie Ho

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Jon Galante

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Led sales for an early-stage startup from $5MM to $50MM ARR in 2 years.

Amit Khanna

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Lawyer guy @ Knotel.
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Former team

Victor Quinn

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Josh Pudnos

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Ashna Kalra

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Nora Ganley-Roper

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Ricardo Sotelo

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Mackenzie Decker

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