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My Knotch journey is a great example of how Knotch believes in their employees' talents. I run our recruiting efforts at Knotch, but I started as a mere Task Rabbit over two years ago. Like my peers, I've always asked: "What can I do to help?"
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Robert Gold
Talent Acquisition Lead


Co-Founder and CEO of @Knotch. Former Co-founder & President @ 3 non-profits. Data Nerd ( Economics/International Relations, @Stanford University).


Ryann Slone

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Michael Coyne

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VP of Engineering for @Knotch

Robert Gold

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I handle all things Talent Acquisition at Knotch: strategy, sourcing, candidate experience, offers, and hiring. Speaking of which, we're hiring!

Margeaux Welsh

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Customer Success Manager: Optimizing product delivery and performance, building trusted relationships with executive teams, while also being data focused.

Lara Vandenberg

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Deary Hudson III

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aron tzimas

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Founded The People's Market, Melbourne, Australia

Sean Dunford

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Board members and advisors

CEO @iSkoot, sold to QCOM. EVP @Loopt. Founder, Pres DChoc. Founder, CEO SW Sports & Soft, sold to Paul Allen & @iXL. CS @Harvard University. Inventor online fantasy sports

Former team

Liv Cruzat

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Ray Tierney

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Adam Gotterer

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Erik Pavia

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Stephanie Volftsun

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Devin Ozel

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