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Unlock your computer with your iPhone

Unlock your computer with your iPhone

Late last year we launched Knock to Unlock, our first product. It rocketed to the #1 spot on the worldwide iOS App Store, chalking up over 1.5 million video views, 230 press stories, and 50,000 paid downloads in just a few days. But that was just the beginning—a proof of concept of Bluetooth Low Energy's ability to act as an authentication facilitator. A coming out party, if you will.

Coming soon, when you unlock your Mac, you’ll also automatically sign into everything. It’s like a password manager, except there’s no setup, everything happens automatically, and it's actually more secure than using something like 1Password or LastPass to auto generate and store all your passwords.

We’re excited about this product because it’s basically the ideal passwordless authentication system, except it works with every app and website on day one. It's a bridge that gets us off Password Island and onto the Promise Land of secure, fully automated authentication.

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