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Founder at @Knack. @DreamIt alum. Developer & @AWS back-end guru. Over 10 years and hundreds of web apps. Second startup @CTO since college.
Founder @Knack. Do-it-all CEO transitioning to visionary CEO. Designer/developer in love with full-stack @Javascript .


Tom Bubul

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Advocating for quality in everything.

Jessie Tully

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I am a product driven tech startup professional with a design background.

Mai-Li Le

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Product Designer at Knack

Matt Neth

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I've experienced startup life and large enterprise life and i've lived to tell the tale.

Tyler Rivera

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I'm a problem solver that has worked all over the stack. From concurrent data processing applications in Go, Python web APIs to Front-end work in React.

Valerie Ennis Ogundare

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Experienced Customer Success and IT Security Professional looking for a challenging new position where

Odalis Salazar Mullins

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Head of Customer Success at Knack

Madeline Cameron

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Passion for backend, data and monetization

Nicolas Galluzzo

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Cameron Henlin

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Software developer. JavaScript and web enthusiast with over a decade of experience.

Danielle Kellogg

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Customer Success at Knack.com

Steve Palmer

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First hire at @Knack focusing on customer success, sales, enterprise, and partnerships. Cohort #1 @Iron Yard Ventures 2012 with @Locally.

Former team

Spenser Coke

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