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Leveling the financial playing field by leveraging your most valuable asset, your data

UX Researcher

$80k – $120k
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UX Researcher -

About Klover:

Klover’s mission is simple:

We’re systematically leveling the playing field by giving low cost access to modern financial services. How do we do it? We unlock these products and services by transparently leveraging a valuable asset, your permissioned data. Our customers get it and have already saved hundreds of dollars a year.

Founded by a team of data and ad-tech veterans with several high growth businesses and exits under their belts, Klover a venture-backed startup is poised for success.

Come join our high-growth team of intelligent, fast-paced and mission-driven individuals here at Klover

About the Role:

Design -

Klover’s design team is an extremely important contributor to the entire product process. Our design team is a group of highly creative and highly opinionated people. Designers and Product Managers work together at the earliest stages of ideation, working through prototypes, design acceptance testing, and user testing. Designers control all user experiences with our marketing, product and content. UX and brand design play a huge role at the company.

UX Researcher -

Klover is looking for a hungry UX researcher to start our UX team. As a UX researcher, you will assist in several aspects of product development and design. UX Researchers work closely with Product to quickly develop prototypes and test them with real people.

Why might you be a good fit?

You are motivated by the chance to improve the lives of customers, especially their financial lives
You believe in testing to the utmost degree, you hate arguing about feature details without getting anything in front of the user
You have strong opinions, loosely held
You are capable in analytics, you believe in using data to inform decisions and ideas
You believe in continuous, iterative product improvements but are also comfortable making large sweeping product bets
You are a humble, hard-worker, no work is beneath you


2 years UX experience
Prototyping experience a strong plus
FinTech experience a strong plus
Consumer mobile app experience a strong plus

What it’s like to work at Klover?

Klover is a team of entrepreneurial, intellectually curious and hardworking individuals. We want to change the world of finance, and we are driven by that mission every day. Our work culture is collaborative, and brutally honest. We think feedback is a gift and want people with strong opinions. Join us!

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Leveling the financial playing field by leveraging your most valuable asset, your data

Klover focuses on Finance Technology, Adtech, and Fin Tech. Their company has offices in San Francisco and Chicago. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://joinklover.com/

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