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Kite is an AI copilot that helps programmers write code.

Kite is an AI copilot that helps programmers write code.

​Kite is a smart programming tool for developers. We use cutting-edge techniques applying machine learning to source code to power our core product: Line-of-Code Completions. Kite autocompletes up to a full line of code as you type, incorporating context and popular patterns from all the code on Github. We currently are only available for Python, with more languages in the works.

Kite is a plugin that seamlessly integrates with all of the top Python editors, including Atom, VS Code, PyCharm/IntelliJ, Sublime, and Vim.

Check out what VentureBeat had to say about our recent launch: venturebeat.com/2019/01/28/kite-raises-17-million-for-its-ai-powered-develope….

Adam Smith

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Founded @Xobni in 2006, @kite-8 in 2014. Seed investor in Dropbox, Cruise, Rescale, others. MIT EECS. Writing at http://adamsmith.cc.

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