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Marketing, Future Executive Team

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We are looking for our #1 marketing hire at Kipwise, who could grow fast and be part of our future executive team.

We build Kipwise to enable better knowledge collaboration and transfer. So a team can grow faster by helping each other effectively. Our goal is to become the smartest team knowledge management assistant to help knowledge flow effectively in teams.

We are now a small team of 5, but we are backed by Techstars London and Icebreaker VC and we'd like to go big as fast as possible with more brilliant people joining.

Key Responsibilities:

• Demand generation - build a strong demand funnel for our product and manage campaigns across multi-channels (e.g. Content marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media, paid marketing, events, partnerships, etc.)

• Brand building - be our storyteller and establish our brand personality, voice and tone to resonate with our target customers.

• Data & Analytics - Define and become the owner of the company’s marketing metrics and take responsibility to quantify the ROI on every initiative. 

What we offer:

• Growth opportunities - We believe team members should be able to grow with the team. There's no ceiling or barriers for ambitious talents in Kipwise.

• Challenges - As a young startup, we have a huge amount of challenges ahead. We'd love to have your help to solve the problems in a creative and effective way.

• Flexibility - Our team works from Estonia, Hong Kong, Brazil, and Taiwan for now. But we don't limit your location or working hour as long as you get things done. We can also move you to Estonia if things work out and you prefer so.

• Openness - We don't want you to be just a random team member executing our ideas. We're looking for someone who's ambitious enough to define our future together. Tell us what you want to achieve - we believe the company goal should align with your personal goal to maintain the best relationship.

• Good compensation (only for good talent) - We don't believe in paying by hour or experience. We believe in paying by contribution. If you contribute more than one person, you get more than one person alone.

What we'd like to see in you:

• You can control your ego - We believe great knowledge comes from where great minds meet. One with a big ego doesn't improve. We don't want to see a smart a**hole in the team. Let's grow together in a good way.

• Experience - We don't care how many years your working experience is. Just show us your passions towards Kipwise.

• Analytical - We make marketing decisions backed by numbers. You need to be analytical. Research and numbers are the keys.

• Creativity and passion - If you don't believe in learning and growing via collaboration, you probably cannot sell our product in a good way.

• Flexibility - As a young startup, we are evolving rapidly. We'd like to see early team members be flexible enough to take up new challenges.

If you are interested - shoot us a message with a simple plan to generate leads for Kipwise. Also tell us how hungry and ambitious you are to learn and grow - we'll help you achieve your personal goals with our best efforts.

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Co-founder @Kipwise - enabling better internal knowledge sharing

Kwun-Lok Ng

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Co-founded @Kipwise, @OneSky

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