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Revolutionizing Mobile Fitness


At Kino Fitness, we're focused on changing the mobile fitness industry. That all starts with the team that's attempting to enact the change. To date, Kino Fitness has three board members, one advisor, and one employee, including seven investors. At Kino, the board works to get things done efficiently and effectively, without compromising each of our busy and active lifestyles, meaning remote initiatives are a must. Combining the hectic schedules with the robust plan we have is difficult, but because of Kino's energetic profile, family-style environment, and dedication to get the work done, we're meeting our goals without compromising our current objectives.

Perks and benefits

Equity payment option

All employees get an equity bonus upon signing, while getting a mixed paycheck containing both equity and money.

Work from anywhere

Kino Fitness runs with fairly laissez-faire values. At Kino Fitness, we let our team get the job done without the 9-5.

Bring your pets

Kino team members get to be around two golden retrievers every meeting, with an invitation to bring their pets.