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Senior Backend Software Engineer

$120k – $160k • No equity
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Kingsmen Digital Ventures is hiring a hungry, curious, passionate Backend Senior Software Engineer.

The ideal candidate lives to build high-performance, high-quality frontend software. If you lose sleep thinking about when to use REST vs GraphQL, how to automate infrastructure deployments, how to index SQL, DynamoDB, and Mongo, and how to separate concerns when writing automation tests for a microservices environment, you might be a good fit.

At Kingsmen Digital Ventures, we use the latest and greatest technology to solve complex business problems with speed and quality. This means that a lot of your time is spent learning and using new tools. In order to help our customers' businesses constantly evolve, we ourselves must constantly evolve, and this means never growing complacent or comfortable, instead always finding new, creative ways to continue to improve on ourselves, our processes, and the software we deliver to our customers.

The ideal candidate is comfortable switching from Node to Java to C# to python to Go. Working with SQL, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, neo4j, and DynamoDB. Testing with mocha, chai, and sinon. Working with cloudformation, docker, kubernetes, terraform, and serverless. Automating deployments of Lambda functions, EC2 instances, and databases. Securing PHI in HIPAA-compliant environments. Remaining curious and hungry to discover, implement, and teach best practices for whatever technology we’re using.

It isn't important that you already know how to do all these things - it's important that you're a quick learner, able to dive in to any new challenge with both feet and are humble and malleable enough to continue learning and striving for the best, ad infinitum.

You’ll be working with engineers of all skills levels, ranging from former fellows at large tech companies to juniors straight out of boot camp. We’re looking for someone who’s personable enough to able to get along with the team and help us drive towards creating the best software imaginable.

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