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Skype for kids with an interactive twist



Carly Shuler

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Co-founder of Kindoma. Over 10 years working to improve children's lives through innovative technologies (Spin Master, Sesame Street, Harvard Ed Tech).

Rafael 'Tico' Ballagas

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Founder and CEO of Kindoma. PhD in Computer Science. Stanford Engineering MS. Spent 5 years researching tech for families, now ready to change the world.

Board members and advisors

Founded Kerpoof (CEO) - sold to Disney (VP, UGC), then founded Woot Math (CEO). TechStars mentor, NCWIT board. Background EECS (physics experimental research).
Founder @ Valence Advisory, XIR @Expa, ex-Partner @500 Startups Founder @ReTargeter Advisor @Nike Passionate about leadership, growth, fundraising & philosophy.