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Skype for kids with an interactive twist

Skype for kids with an interactive twist

Kindoma creates communication services that let families do things like read or draw, even when apart - think Skype for kids with an interactive twist. Families are struggling with distance. 1 in 3 children live away from one biological parent, and over 35M grandparents live away from their grandchildren. Phone conversations are a disaster for young children. Videochat is better, but still oriented towards conversation. Children don’t want chat; they want to play! Kindoma allows families to play at a distance. We have gotten some great traction with our flagship product, Storytime, which allows children and their loved ones to read together at a distance. Retention is strong, with over 50% of actives coming back in the next month. Call lengths average 15 minutes longer than a Skype call with a young child. We are busy working on our second Kindoma branded app (drawing), and just shipped our first “powered by Kindoma” app for a large education media company.

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Carly Shuler

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Co-founder of Kindoma. Over 10 years working to improve children's lives through innovative technologies (Spin Master, Sesame Street, Harvard Ed Tech).

Rafael 'Tico' Ballagas

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Founder and CEO of Kindoma. PhD in Computer Science. Stanford Engineering MS. Spent 5 years researching tech for families, now ready to change the world.