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Employer donations for employee healthy behaviors

Full Stack Engineer

$70k – $90k • 1.0% – 5.0%
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We are looking for a talented and passionate new team member to join our development team!

If you love building from the ground floor in a fast paced, startup environment, and you have a passion for making an impact on the health of the world, this is the job for you!

Kilter Rewards is an employee engagement tool that allows companies to combine their wellness and charitable goals. Through Kilter, employees earn corporate dollars for their charities by completing daily health goals and competing in team based fitness competitions.

We have a growing number of corporate clients and are looking for you to join our team to help them achieve their goals.

Below are the job qualifications and requirements. Culturally, we'd like you to have a passion for building, creative thinking, health, wellness, and or social impact, and be able to bring new and unique ideas to the table.

- 2+ years professional development experience or equivalent
- Experience with mobile application development on React Native
- Front-end web development
- Proficient with SQL databases
- At least familiar with a language like C or Golang that utilizes structs/pointers
- Have built or integrated with a REST API in the past
- Comfortable navigating a Linux/Unix system via the terminal / ssh

Bonus Points:
- Computer science degree or similar
- Familiar with Amazon Web Services including:
-Elastic Beanstalk
- Route 53
- Have experience routing web traffic / setting up SSL
- Experience using Firebase
- Experience integrating with social media platforms
- Knowledge of network security best practices

Job duties and requirements:
Make upgrades to existing front-end and back-end services as needed
Customer support
Code review
Scripting for miscellaneous needs

Desirable attributes
- Okay with working remote (will need to live in Madison, WI - remote while in Madison accepted)
- Able to ask hard questions, critique others' work, and have their work critiqued
- Autonomous
- Prioritizes consistent quality of deliverables over hours logged

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