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Your Personal Smart Travel Assistant

Your Personal Smart Travel Assistant

Currently, there is no existing platform providing Real-Time end to end personalized solutions to today’s Time-Starved -Tech Dependent Travelers. Killy is an AI Assistant that aims at Optimizing Travelers Time and Experience. The voice and text chatbot uses human-centric AI to make personalized recommendations based on social, cultural & physical context among other factors. It helps in optimizing travelers time by making accurate and live suggestions keeping in mind any budgetary, time or location constraints. It is a Personal Assistant that ensures you enjoy your travel while it takes care of all your travel needs. Killy aims to thin line between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)/Head of Marketing

Head of Operations and Customer Service (COO)

Full Stack developer ( Nodejs/Vue Js)

Nodejs Developer ( Backend Developer)

Bharani Sai

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Himansu R Mehta

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CEO& Founder of @Killy, @AGi Technosys