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I - Konrad Cichawa – the Founder / Yerba Mate Addict / Podcaststarted the agency because I saw the marketing world struggling with lack of *cojones*. In the era of automation, AI and space travels to Mars (yeah, Elon, we’re talking about you!), it’s harder than ever before to cut through the digital noise. Now, you need an X factor, that helps show off your company’s unique personality and make the other side do jumping jacks at the first sound of doing business with you. Turn the complex into simple. The approach we take is Different – and by “different” I don’t mean “We’re desperate for a USP and “different” is the best thing I could come up with” We at Killer Cold Email, very often use humor to break down the “sales” barriers. We don't believe in shady tactics. Here are some commandments : 100 % ethical Candid - Honest with each other Direct With a sense of humor On-time High-quality - 80% perfect Proactive Helpful to others Over-deliver Gracious Driven “Growth” Mindset - With Grit Empathetic Work hard. Play hard Never settle Over-achievers Hustler Part of a system that allows ordinary people to produce extraordinary results Extreme ownership I don’t have [instert skill” YET mindset. Not Perfection. PROGRESS
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On the hunt for a driven biz-dev / sales person to join my agency

Posted 7 months ago

Hey it's Konrad here! Looking for some ambitious folks that might be looking for a career change or simply want to shoot for the moon but don't wanna go solo.