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KidPass is a new way for parents to discover and book amazing children's activities


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Wills Hapworth

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Cofounder and General Partner @TIA Ventures Cofounder and Director @Thought Into Action Institute @Colgate University

Simone Chao

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Investor at CoCoon Ignite Ventures, with the reach of the largest startup community out of HK, @CoCoon - Born to Fly

Paul Sethi

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Co-Founder @2048 Ventures | @Robuzz

David S. Kidder

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Co-Founder, Bionic Solution

Stephano Kim

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Investor / Operator

Timothy Chi

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Jere Doyle

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Serial entrepreneur, angel and advisor to startups. Founded Prospectiv and Global Marketing. Knack for customer acquisition and marketing.

Gidi Fisher

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Founder @PoachIt, Biz Dev @Nielsen, Early Employee @buzzmetrics, Studied @Tufts University

Nina Cherny

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Founder of @Stylyt. Fashion technology entrepreneur. @Wharton MBA/MA 2011. Worked @Estee Lauder.
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