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We empower radiologists with intelligent workflow tools

We empower radiologists with intelligent workflow tools

Established in 2016, Kheiron is a fast growing, medical imaging company that uses advanced machine learning technologies to develop and provide intelligent tools for radiologists, radiology departments, imaging centers and hospitals to improve efficiency, consistency and accuracy of radiology reporting. In short, we seek to empower radiologists to work better which in turn saves more lives.

Kheiron is based in London, in close proximity to leading academic machine learning groups at UCL and Imperial College. The two co-founders, Peter and Tobias, met each other while at Entrepreneur First. Peter practically grew up in hospitals, where his mother was a radiologist. He experienced witnessed first-hand the inefficiencies in the radiology workflow. With a PhD in High Performance Computing and Tobias' background in Machine Learning, the founding team is well positioned to improve the lives of radiologists and their patients.

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Peter Kecskemethy

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Co-founder & CEO at Kheiron. Kheiron is developing intelligent tools to improve the efficiency and accuracy of radiology workflows. Oxford PhD: CS, ML, stats.

Tobias Rijken

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Cofounder and CTO @Kheiron. Machine learning graduate from @University College London and @University of Amsterdam