Camelia Tin

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Chinese English Japanese.

Can Akgün

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Worked at Keywords Studios, GHW Klettergarten

Mikael Agdahl

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Creative content creator, Marketing in progress, Social Medias is my passion.

Rola Lo

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3D Animating, Designer, Creativities, Stategies, Marketing & Analysis. Looking for opportunities to learn new things and improve.

Reiko Oehlenberg

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Founder Tangerine Creative Lab • Worked at @Tangerine Creative Lab, @Keywords Studios Strong creative and business background, SAE Institute Melbourne

Jeanine Crijns

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David Reeves

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Seasoned International CEO, President and VP Marketing in FMCG, Video Games and E Commerce

Miles Iwes

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Level Designer at staycansay

Sebastien Mazzerbo

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Jaime Gine

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Chief Customer Officer at Keywords Studios

Former team

Julia Schmolke

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Ziyi Wang

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Francesco Opramolla

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Sébastien Chapelain

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