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Product Developer (KIT)

£45k – £55k
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Keytree a multi-award winning consultancy is looking for a talented Developer to work alongside our lead developer for KIT (Keytree Instore Technology). As part of the role you will be working on developing new functionality, integrating KIT with client customer and eCommerce systems, providing pre-sales technical support, and supporting and maintaining the existing codebase and build/release/development processes.

The ideal candidate should have experience in mobile development with an understanding of backend architecture, development and system integration.

The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate a strong technical skillset and be comfortable picking up new technologies based on customer requirements, as well as designing and delivering product changes with relatively low levels of specification, in an Agile environment.

It is essential that you are able to exhibit innovative thought processes and good self motivation with excellent written and oral communication skills

Skills Required:
* At least 3 years experience using Swift 4.0 or greater
* Apple Interface guideline understanding
* XCode aspects like storyboards, schemas, xconfigs
* Framework understandings UIKit, Foundation, AVFoundation, Cocoatouch
* Interfacing with network protocols Rest and Sockets
* Device storage like SQLite, CoreData
* Push Notifications
* Cocoapods and Carthage - iOS frameworks and modularization
* At least 3 years experience exeperience with one backend technology -
Java or Nodejs are preferable
* Infrastructure and deployment knowledge Eg nginx or tomcat
* Database expertise eg SQLite, Mysql, Postgres or HANA
* Continuous Integration - experience with Teamcity or Jenkins
* Code Repositories and Coding standards experience
* Personal projects - examples where your own initiative has been used to
develop and create applications, libraries functions etc.

Desirable skills:
* ARKit, ML and Computer vision
* VOIP and CallKit
* App Localisation and Globalization
* Experience working on projects related to retail or e-commerce
* Experience of complex automated build solutions
* Experience of sophisticated deployment and publication processes (for
instance, publishing to Apple App Store)
* Global app experience - working on projects that have been in at least 3
* A desire to research and analyze markets, the users, and the roadmap for
the product from a technical stand point as to what can be added or quick

Some leeway will be afforded for exceptionally bright younger candidates who do not possess all of the critical technical experience but who can demonstrate the capacity to rapidly pick those technologies up.

This role will be based in our Central London Head office.

Company Information
Keytree helps companies become leaner, faster and more agile with our award-winning team of SAP experts and beautifully designed applications. The way we work sets us apart. Our multi-disciplined teams are built on a foundation of communications and accountability. We are driven by innovation and a passion for design and great user experience.

At Keytree we work with our clients to understand their business goals and solve their problems using our technological and industry expertise.

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