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On-orbit telecommunications

On-orbit telecommunications

Kepler Communications is a satellite communications company that is working towards establishing an in-space telecommunications network for space-borne assets. Put simply, we are building cell phone towers in space. This infrastructure will resolve the problem of intermittent connectivity for non-geostationary satellites, will open new business opportunities that necessitate real-time connectivity to satellites, and will reduce reliance on costly and difficult to deploy ground infrastructure.

An infrastructure venture is no simple feat, particularly true for space-based infrastructure. To reach this long-term objective, tangible shorter-term milestones are planned in order to incrementally develop the technologies and deploy the infrastructure necessary to execute on this vision. Each milestone towards this vision represents a viable business opportunity, enabling Kepler to sustainably realize this vision.

Mina Mitry

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Co Founder/CEO @Kepler Communications • MASc at @University of Toronto • Worked at Pratt & Whitney, and BMW
Co-founder Kepler Communications; Aerospace Engineer with 3 years of industrial experience; Background in Aerospace Systems Design and Integration
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