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AI Powered Domain Experts (AiDE) – Intelligent bots for businesses

AI Powered Domain Experts (AiDE) – Intelligent bots for businesses

Kenyt.AI builds intelligent chatbots and helps businesses closely engage with their customers through high-quality human-like experience. Kenyt chatbots support multiple languages and produce superior customer engagement because of its advanced AI engine with 95% accuracy compared to industry average of 60%. Our proprietary tech consists of multiple reusable workflows, like answering FAQs, choosing an item, processing payments, etc. and creates a permanent back-channel for marketing through messaging apps.

As computing moves from touch/typing to chat & voice over next few years, Kenyt.AI with its deep conversational and workflow intelligence will be best positioned to provide a high quality conversational experience to businesses globally, capitalizing on the market opportunity of upwards of $5B/annum. Founding team comes from IIT Roorkee and IIT Mumbai each having 15 years of relevant industry experience.

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