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Rahul Doshi

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Early stage investor

Peter Giordano

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Founder at GoStart.co. CEO & co-founder, The Arcanum. Worked at VMware, Accenture, NetGravity & DoubleClick. Product, Engineering and Marketing roles.

Paul Graf

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Co-Founder @Contentnet, Excelanova Ventures, Startup/early stage. Entrepreneur, founder, CEO, Investor

Amos Ben-Meir

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Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Noah Belkin

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Co-founder of BayLite Capital, owner of South American hospitality chain & active philanthropist. Angel Investor in 100+ startups

Craig Hunter

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Founder @Home. Investor. 🤞📈 // Past: early @Uber 🚖, early @Ritual.co ☕, CEO @Bitmaker 🎓 (acq by @General Assembly )

Tiago Santos

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GOncalo VIlarinho

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Global Marketing Director - ACTIVIA at Danone

Clement Lam

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