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Kena.ai is an AI based music learning, practice, compose and publishing destination.

Jobs at Kena.ai

Come join a team of creative, dynamic and happy people changing the way people learn, practice and perform music.

In the news: Launch of Kena Opus : kena.ai/12-23-2019-kena-opus-launch

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Music is the highest form of human creativity. Even for scientists, the aspects of 'string theory' or communicating with aliens boils down to Music. Music is more than what meets the eye, literally. Learning music is hard, personal and expensive.

What is Kena.ai?
AI-based personal music tutor. (like combining Human-tutor/Siri/Google/Spotify)
"Hey Kena, what should I practice today?"
"Hey Kena, how is my practice going"
"Hey Kena, teach me a musical piece with sweep picking arpeggio in e-minor"
"Hey Kena, find a metal song in F#5 at 150 beats"
"Hey Kena, play me C-G-Am-F chord progression at 80 beats"

Kena.AI intends to bridge the gap between learning from human tutors and being self-taught. Kena uses Artificial Intelligence to enable music practice paths, live session feedback and music semantic search based on compositional form, harmony, melody, pitch, rhythm, and other architectural dynamics and techniques in composing and practicing music. Kena works for any musical instruments, without having to templatize or humanly curate every musical piece.

Key innovation
Kena intends to analyze and generate raw-analog-audio as against MIDI formats which lose the essence of Music. (Similar to wavenet from Google: DeepMind)

Job Details and Caveats.
- Prefer candidates from the Bay Area as proximity enables speed for startups
- Should be authorized to work in the United States
- Looking for founding engineers and co-founders only at this time who can work for equity prior to fundraise. (Purely equity-based until a funding event occurs)
- Kena.AI is pre-seed and still in the MVP development stage.