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Keen Home builds proactive hardware devices that aim to enhance the core functions of the home, so your home can start to take care of you. For our first product, we are focusing on a home's heating and cooling system.

The average U.S. household spends 50% of its energy bill on heating or cooling, or about $2,000 per year. This same household has an average of two to four rooms that are overheated or overcooled at various times throughout the day. Up until now, there has been innovation in thermostat technology, but we believe that is only part of the solution. To solve this problem, we have developed the Keen Home Smart Vent.

Our patented Smart Vent is a wirelessly networked air vent that intelligently opens and closes to redirect airflow throughout the home. This not only increases comfort on a room-by-room level, but also reduces the run time of heating and cooling systems by up to 30 percent, resulting in a potential payback period of less than one year. We have also introduced smart air purification to our product lineup.

Keen Home has also been approached by several parties showing strong demand for applications of our Smart Vent technology in light commercial/office spaces and hotels where conventional commercial damping solutions are not cost effective.

Starting with the Smart Vent, Keen Home will continue to develop devices that bring proactive intelligence to the core systems of a home. These products will leverage new technologies and a sharp design aesthetic to ‘wake up’ traditionally sleepy devices.

Keen’s culture centers on innovation, which influences business decisions, overall strategy, and product roadmap. We believe in strong product design and place a high value on aesthetic sensibility. Our team comprises out of the box thinkers and operators and expects all team members to express and defend their opinions. Our work environment is laid back, cross-functional, and collaborative.

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