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We are glad to introduce ourself to you. We have laid extensive focus of enriching the quality of our products with high quality ingredients and world class recipes and processes. Our motto is to combine taste with nutrition in the best manner possible with the local produce. We believe in giving this back to the farmers. With the growing inclination towards a vegan lifestyle, the customers today are very conscious of what they eat. A preservative free organic product with zero cholesterol is a magnet for the ever aware consumers. In addition to this, the fast moving lifestyle demands for ready to eat foods. We produce a wide variety of cheeses in different flavours and textures under the brand Mooz. Our speciality is the fresh cow milk we source from farmers which is made into rich textured cheeses by the recipes of 4th generation Italian cheese makers. In addition to this we have tofu and butter under the brand Murginns. We have organic tofus in four different flavours which are the favourite choice of the conscious customers today. We also have different flavours of white butter extracted from fresh milk making everything tasty and healthy. We are more than excited to begin this healthy journey with you.
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Graphic Designer

Posted 5 months ago

Making creative packaging for the products, creating banners and flexes for various events, creating interesting pictures for e commerce platforms, product styling and photography


Digital Marketer

Handling the complete digital marketing including social media marketing, graphic designing, Brand marketing


Social Media Instagram Manager (Graphic + Content)

Posted 5 months ago

Looking for Graphic Designer preferably from NID (National Institute of Design) who can handle the social media for our brand. We make health products like cheese, butter and tofu under the brand MOOZ Formaggio and sell to the premium category of cutomers.