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KAYAK is the world’s leading travel search engine. KAYAK searches other travel sites and shows travelers the information they need to find the right flights, hotels, rental cars and vacation packages. The company’s website and apps also offer tools to help travelers plan and manage their trip, including price alerts, price forecasts and free itinerary management. Each year, KAYAK processes more than one billion searches for travel information and has local sites in more than 40 international sites and 20 languages. KAYAK is an independently managed subsidiary of The Priceline Group.

What KAYAK can offer you

-4 weeks paid vacation
-Day off on your birthday
-Generous retirement plans
-3 year anniversary travel bonus
-Awesome health, dental and vision insurance plans
-Great deals on Hotels
-No stupid meetings
-Drinks, coffee, snacks, games etc.
-Flexible hours
-Free massages from professional masseuse
-Regular team events/excursions
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