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Data Analytics, Data Intelligence & Automation

Data Analytics, Data Intelligence & Automation

We're a hybrid organization that specializes in services such as digital transformation, data analytics, custom software tooling, and artificial intelligence backed analytics. We have also produced two products in collaboration with market leaders. There are a few more exciting products in development and will be soon revealed on public forums. Focus - A realtime facial recognition platform that rethinks your daily reporting while getting rid of pesky biometric solutions. Bravisa Dash - An integrated dashboard designed specifically for Indian investors to ensure ease of use while providing top-notch analytics on reports built on top of existing market data.

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Arul Dhamodaran

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Founder, KayaDev Head, Industry collaboration and Research, ACS College of Engineering Instructor and Research Assistant, Oregon State University

Sibi Kabilan

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Founder, KayaDev Software Architect, Hoovi Software Developer, CASS