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Intelligence from space, for your business. Without the fuss. Starting at $99



Kris Nair

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Founder @Kawa Space ex-founder @Exseed Space Led India's first private mission to space.


Ajinkya Bobade

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Rishabh Chaturvedi

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A confident Engineer with an ability to manage and deliver high quality outputs. Have a good understanding of businesses and providing strategic inputs.

Navaneeth Pk

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Founded Smartweb Innovations (7m+ app downloads). Founded MobioPush (1000+ customers, acquired ). Founded WanderWhale (https://wanderwhale.com).

Viren Sahajwala

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Ajay Menon

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Arjun Debnath

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Data science and analytics professional with over 4 years of experience in designing and innovating solution architectures and productionizing ML/DL solutions

Raashi Shah

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Kalpana SR

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Sanket Daundkar

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Building next generation satellites at Kawa Space.

Board members and advisors

Shubh Cheema

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Architect. Board Member @Kawa Space