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Neurorehabilitation and Pain Management in Virtual Reality

Neurorehabilitation and Pain Management in Virtual Reality

Karuna Labs has created virtual reality software to treat chronic pain through cortical reorganization (aka neuroplasticity). This scientifically-validated methodology uses visual input to reprogram sensory and motor cortical body-map representations of pain. By bringing this method into virtual reality, Karuna achieves several key benefits. First, neuroimaging studies with fMRI have shown greater activation in virtual mirror therapy than analog mirror therapy due to the immersiveness of VR. 2. We are able to address pain anywhere below the neck, and not only in limbs. 3. Because we can manipulate visual feedback in VR, we can more finely tune input for optimized therapeutic benefit, for example by smoothing out shaky movements or by exaggerating movement to increase motivation in pain-avoidant patients. Karuna's approach is appropriate for conditions such as chronic lower back pain, repetitive strain injury, post-operative pain, post-stroke pain, fibromyalgia, and others.
Experienced leader with GM, consulting, and marketing experience. Berkeley MBA, Harvard undergrad.

Sharon Niv

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Co-founder of Karuna VR, virtual reality mirror box therapy for neurorehabilitation
Founder @Karuna Labs Inc. Virtual Reality. Healthcare Analytics. Data Visualization. Studied at @University of California, Los Angeles

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