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We monetize emojis. :-)

We monetize emojis. :-)

Karmies is based on these truths:
1. People love receiving messages from friends, but hate being bombarded with irrelevant advertisements.
2. Social Platforms and Messaging Applications need to monetize effectively without disrupting user experience.
3. Brands want to engage mobile users.

Karmies is a mobile advertising platform that leverages the existing usage of emoticons, the insatiable demand from consumers (and brands) for NEW emoticons, and the unending quest for unobtrusive advertising. Karmies are the worlds first SMART emoticons that link to valuable information when you tap on them. Karmies technology enables custom smart emojis to be delivered to the customers smartphone keyboard in real time, thus creating user-generated and non-intrusive high quality impressions.

Emojis with amazitivity. ( Whats amazitivity? Check it out here: urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=amazitivity )

Megan Haines

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Founder/CEO @Karmies • Studied at @Colorado State University Strong Business Development/Sales/Product Launch Strategy Background
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