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Crypto Asset

Our goal is to build a platform to trade gold certificates, exchange Karatcoin tokens and saving or exchange money using gold cards. A platform where millions of investors go to find the best gold opportunities to trade without worrying about the traceability. Karatcoin’s Platform is directly linked to operational gold mines that will receive financing to help increase their gold production. The more Karatcoin’s financing increases, so will the aggregated gold production of our mines, which in turn will increase the value of circulating Karatcoin tokens. All the mines selected by Karatcoin’s technical and legal team have been carefully analyzed for their production ability, operational background, structural credibility, as well as their financial rating. No third-party intermediary is involved in the selection and vetting process.

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CEO at Karat Lab, I'm extremely passionate, pro-active, ambitious, able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.