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Building the first premium room cooling brand (Techstars '18)

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Kapsul is the premium smart air brand for tech-forward and design-minded consumers who want effortless control of their home’s air quality and comfort. Kapsul makes room HVAC products that cool, heat, and control the humidity of your home and our technology allows for the inter-operation of these device types so that users can control multiple devices as they would a whole-house system. This “virtual whole house system” is the first of its kind and provides our customers with the option to use Kapsul products singly, in concert, as a supplement to whole-house systems, or as a replacement to them. The deep tech is that we redesigned the way HVAC works, the impact it has on the grid and the environment, and the way the actual products (air conditioners, heaters, dehumidifiers) are built and operate.
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Community Specialist

Posted 9 months ago

Who you are:
• An empathetic listener who can respond to the needs of our established community (backers and long-time followers) while engaging and invigorating our emerging community (new customers and “cool tech” enthusiasts.)
• A skilled communicator who knows their way around a concise and...