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Enabling Relationship Banking at Scale

Enabling Relationship Banking at Scale

KapitalWise platform helps the financial institution to create a smart profile of their customers by combining financial Institutions ( Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance and Wealth management firms) data with third-party data such as Credit Bureau Data, People-Based Marketing Data, and KapitalWise proprietary data. Our API platform uses ML and AI to monitor, detect, and predict opportunities and events to help financial institutions to take the right actions at the right time.

Our solution integrates fully into a bank’s existing technology platform, with the ability to provide insights to relationship managers or be part of the customer’s digital user experience, complete with goal setting, nudges and scenario planning.

Software Engineer

Director Of Business Development

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paul stamoulis

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Executive with strong CEO & Sales experience. Built a global $350MM, 100+ staff, investment banking business line for a large international bank.

Sajil Koroth

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Cofounder KapitalWise, ForwardLane.