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All-in-one Loyalty Marketing Platform

All-in-one Loyalty Marketing Platform

Kangaroo is a loyalty marketing and customer engagement platform for your business. it offers a suite of features geared towards helping you generate additional revenues.

Imagine offering unlimited customers, loyalty, rewards, raffles, a referral program, a tier program, digital stamp cards, and so much more, all from one place: Kangaroo!

Imagine communicating with your customers via Text (SMS), Email and in-App Notifications, all form one place: Kangaroo!

Imagine bringing back new customers, re-engaging dormant automatically with a marketing engine that works for you: Kangaroo!

Imagine creating a simple promotion, or a full fledge marketing campaign all with few clicks that will engage thousands of customers with a simple click, all from one place: Kangaroo!

Kangaroo also offers a white-label, brandable solution to make your loyalty program 100% your own, including your own smartphone app.

Kangaroo is available worldwide in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Fady Rizk

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