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Remote Patient Monitoring for Early Risk Detection and Early Intervention

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Are you spending your brief moment in the universe focused on what matters most? We ask ourselves this question every day at KangarooHealth. We think what matters most is the well-being of oneself and one's loved ones. The digital era has enabled sophisticated technologies such as personalized mobile ads, real-time messaging, and outer-space robots. In contrast, our healthcare systems still rely mostly on human resources. With the aging population, our healthcare systems are overwhelmed, and many of our sicked ones cannot get the care they need when they need it most. That is why we are building KangarooHealth. In response to the pandemic outbreak of coronavirus, KangarooHealth has developed an intelligent remote patient monitoring platform for coronavirus monitoring and care triage. It tracks each person’s vitals and symptoms daily and automatically flags people with warning signs. It allows one care staff to monitor hundreds of thousands of people with ease. It enables providers to triage patients remotely based on patients' risk profiles. It reduces unnecessary ER visits and enables patients at risk to get timely treatments.
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Virtual Coach for Disease Management and Behavior Changes

Posted 1 month ago

Traditional healthcare model is to focus on care within the walls of hospitals and clinics. However, once patients leave care facilities, their symptoms and abnormal trends are mostly ignored until patients initiate care outreach again.


Senior Business Development Director

Posted 3 months ago
  • Identify potential customers and introduce them to KangarooHealth, communicate general understanding of KangarooHealth, and comfortable advocating for awareness of KangarooHealth
  • Navigating clinic/hospital flow, document organization and collection