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Action Sports Lifestyle Brand

Action Sports Lifestyle Brand

Kandy Kruisers is a lifestyle brand that designs and manufactures portable cruisers as their main product. Kandy Kruisers is focused on building a brand, acquiring a passionate following and building up their brand equity. Kandy Kruisers was formed to provide college students with an easy way to get to their class on time, using a board that is portable enough to fit in a backpack and easy to carry round when compared to longboards. Kandy Kruisers makes collectible and limited edition Mini-Cruisers. They also provide, aside from their main product, accessories that complement the lifestyle of a Kandy Kruiser: accessories such as LED wheels, apparel and skateboard accessories.

Co-Founder at LevelUp Camp, Strategist, Designer, Technology Strategist Consultant, Adjunct Professor at University of Houston.

Hamza Amir

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CEO of BIDYO. 500 Alumni.

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