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We offer coding projects that address important social needs by breaking down language barriers. We have
1. Short, high-impact projects for people looking to impress future employers
2. In-depth projects that advanced students can use for course credit (we can talk with your professor to make sure it works for your university).

Depending on your interests, we can set you to work on apps for web, mobile, bots, or databases.

As a non-profit, we do not have budget to pay you (we can send you a spiffy t-shirt!), so this offer is for people who are looking to build their skills or portfolio, or just like putting their time toward something that might help other people around the world. You can see what we are up to at kamusi.org/info/kamusilabs

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Martin Benjamin

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Founder and Executive Director of Kamusi, developing multilingual language solutions that will change the face of translation.

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