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Kamusi Labs is the development wing of the Kamusi Project. We are doing research on many tracks, developing language technologies that nobody asked for, nobody knows they need, with unknown market demand, that nobody is paying to bring into existence. Nevertheless, we are going ahead with the work. Students join virtually from around the world for internships or semester projects, and hackers volunteer for cool ways to put their coding skills to use for the greater good. Their projects solve a range of language technology problems that have previously been too pernicious, but become realizable as a result of our unique molecular data structure.

Kamusi Labs seeks to nurture the talent of our members regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or physical challenge - we focus on your skills and enthusiasm. Young women and men have worked on coding and language projects with us from Burundi, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Iran, Italy, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Rwanda, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Uganda, the UK, and the US. Openness to working with a diverse group, and devotion for solving problems to open tomorrow's digital opportunities for speakers of marginalized languages, are requirements for joining us.

We have a long set of coding and linguistic data tasks that will result in a range of tools to use language in ways that have never before been possible. Many of our technical tasks can be implemented immediately by talented coders. We also welcome people interested in projects for particular languages, ranging from field lexicography to data mining to building models for natural language processing. We welcome volunteer hackers, or students seeking exciting research projects, to contact us to discuss how you can join in.
Our projects span:
Language learning
Web development
Mobile apps
Sign languages
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Software Engineer

Hacking for Social Good // Cool Course Projects

We offer coding projects that address important social needs by breaking down language barriers. We have 1. Short, high-impact projects for people looking to impress future employers 2. In-depth projects that advanced students can use for course credit (we can talk with your professor to make...

Software Engineer

Ionic Mobile App Component Developer: Railroad Switcher

Posted 8 months ago

The specs for this project are described at https://trello.com/c/aH1tqoWn/2-railroad-switcher This is an opportunity to implement a small but important component within an existing mobile app. The position is only for volunteers, not paid. It requires knowledge of Ionic for cross-platform...