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Renegade Language Technology

Renegade Language Technology

The Kamusi Project is a participatory international effort dedicated to improving knowledge of the world's languages. Our long term mission is to produce advanced resources for every language: a full matrix of human expression across time and space.

We use the MEAN stack, a neo4j database, and Ionic.

Our unique system joins dozens of languages with millions of data points, with vocabulary accuracy miles beyond Google Translate. Users from around the world have contributed to Kamusi in many ways (by spending time translating words/phrases, financial aid by donating to the project, engineering by contributing to individual modules on the website).

Our mobile app:
iPhone: kamu.si/ios
Android: kamu.si/android-here

Our bot on Telegram - Emojiworldbot (video: youtu.be/eJV-MwCNeLs)
Download link - storebot.me/bot/emojiworldbot

The point of contact for the project is Dr. Martin Benjamin, in Lausanne, Switzerland (martin@kamusi.org)

Martin Benjamin

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Founder and Executive Director of Kamusi, developing multilingual language solutions that will change the face of translation.