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Software Engineer

₹28,000 – ₹30,000 • 0.0% – 0.04%
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# What we are looking for?

A passionate individual who would take up responsibility and deliver according to the deadlines. Works Diligently and gets shit done. A growth oriented person who would love to manage a team in the future and is passionate about software.

Having a strong github, codechef, or hackerrank profile is a big plus.

The individual should be dedicated, loves to explore and get to the depth of the desired topic and craves creativity. The work timings are flexible and we work out of cool co working spaces, so occasionally loves playing table tennis or pool.

# Your Responsibilities

The following responsibilities vary from project to project, so don’t be overwhelmed by this. You’ll learn one thing at a time. We will help each other in this front.

- Work with remote and local teams.
- Produce clean, beautiful and efficient code based on specifications.
- Manage cloud infrastructure, process automation and related DevOps work.
- Write solid test cases and follow CI/CD best practices
- Debug, upgrade and troubleshoot existing and new softwares
- Integrate with third party APIs and create our own APIs
- Follow work management best practices with effective time management and clear communication

# The Job Requires

- Strong understanding of fundamentals of any of the following topics:
• How web works? - from url to render
• How processes communicate? - local and remote (client-server)
• How distributed systems work?
• How mobile (or desktop) applications works?
- Familiarity with programming is must. You should have worked using any programming language or tech stack on non academic software projects either as a hobby, freelance or internship.
- Attention to details.
- Interest and passion to learn new technologies. We work with various programming languages, libraries and frameworks.
- Initial few months, you will be working from Malad, Mumbai office.

# Perks of joining Kamui Tech

You will be working with awesome designers, software engineers and electronic hardware engineers who will help you grow and be on leading edge of the technology. We believe in output, so we don’t have annoying restrictions on work life. Following are the highlights:

- Remote work - We believe in output. So as long as you are getting things done as per timeline and quality standards, we don’t care about you being present in office and clocking in hours.
- No formal education needed. We don’t care how you’ve gotten the knowledge from google, stack overflow, udemy, coursera, or a CS degree. It’s you we value.
- Strong work ethic. On time delivery, and responsibility for your work.
- Work from co-working places like WeWork.

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I design, code and consult on tech products. Founder at Kamui Tech. Building products using edge technologies with remote teams.
In love with technology, problem solving and want to solve greatest problems specially in Tech or with Tech