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Find and share student accommodation

Find and share student accommodation

Kamersin.nl radically changes the way we share and find accommodation for students and young professionals. We first had a good look at the current market, then took a deep breath. And another one. Then we started from scratch to design it the way would love it to be.

We wanted it to be easy and intuitive to find and share a room. And we wanted it to be for free for sure. We wanted to automatize contracts and payments. We wanted to have an easy way to find someone to paint our walls and move our stuff. Or furnish it if we came from abroad. to clean it after we moved in. And be sure we got the best deal. We integrate all that in Kamersin.nl.

Our journey started a few years back, during our studies, when we founded a few Facebook pages to share and find student accommodation. Today, this community has grown to over 15.000 active users. Posts are seen by thousands of students and young professionals looking for a room. Looking for a better way to find a great spot.
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