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Co-Founder and front-end developer for @hedgehogg • BSc (Hons) in Interactive Multimedia design out of @University of Ulster.

Peter Louis Johnston

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Founder of Kalo. Ex-Google. UX/Product person.


Jason Knaut

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COO/CFO. Venture Partner. @duda @Kalo @realtorcom @BARCLAYS @Accenture. MIT MBA. UIUC MCS. Cornell Eng.

Simon Gershey

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Worked at Kalo, SAP. Experience with Architect, Agile, Android. Went to Bowdoin College
Founder of Kalo. Ex-Google. UX/Product person.
Aspiring Dev Manager after spending over 10 years making accessible, high-performance and easy to use websites.

Dave Garcia

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Eden Dominguez

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I've been in the Tech ecosystem for 10+ yrs. I'm quick on my feet, clever as a fox, and can organize like a Puerto Rican Martha Stewart.

Elise Freeland

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Worked at HomeLight

Britt Hawkins

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I currently work at Kalo as an Account Executive. My previous experience includes biz dev, sales & partnership in the tech industry. Graduate of Cal Poly SLO.

Rachel Strubhar

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Product leader focusing on early and mid-stage startups. A user research and engineering background shape a customer-focused product philosophy and approach.

Cara Champaco

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San Francisco Office Manager

Jesse Cowan

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Graeme Maciver

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Interested in tech that improves the real world. Enjoys Product and Engineering talk.
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Board members and advisors

Ben Page

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Chief Exec of Ipsos MORI, leading UK research company. Love data visualisation, trends, Italy, Hawksmoor, skateboarding, jazz, mozzarella. All views personal
Founder of AXG Tecnonexo (sold in 2006). Spent time at Google, Dropbox, and RelateIQ. Now at Salesforce.
Entrepreneur and investor. Founding partner of Kindred, an early stage venture capital fund based in London that practices equitable venture.
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Former team

Mihaela Ciobanu

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Alex Pate

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Lauren Plews

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Chris Pearce

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Nick Yockney

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Stephan Fitzpatrick

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